Above /  The 16th Annual Singing for Seniors was held on Oct. 3, 2015, at the Yellow Box and will return next year the first weekend in October. Stay tuned. Let there be music!

Throughout Naperville this past weekend, voices of all ages were singing.

From the Yellow Box to Naperville North High School to Embassy Suites to Naperville Country Club to North Central College and many stages in between, the spotlight shined on fine performing artists, accompanied by musicians to entertain the community.

Walking out of the Yellow Box after Singing for Seniors, an afternoon of memorable songs that were performed especially for folks born before 1960, we overheard someone say, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the whole world could sing together every day?”

Our thoughts raced to lyrics in a few songs written about songs, so several are connected here.

With a song in my heart, I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

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I’ve been alive forever and I wrote the very first song.
I put the words and the melodies together.
I am music and I write the songs.
I write the songs that make the whole world sing.
I write the songs of love and special things.
I write the songs that make the young girls cry.
I write the songs, I write the songs.

And with thoughts of Broadway, sing some words from “When I Grow Up” from Matilda.

Just because you find that life’s not fair, it doesn’t mean that you just have to grin and bear it.
If you always take it on the chin and wear it, nothing will change.
Just because I find myself in this story, it doesn’t mean that everything is written for me.
If I think the ending is fixed already, I might as well be saying I think that it’s OK, and that’s not right!

Sing, sing a song, make it simple to last your whole life long…

Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song.

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me…

Amazing Grace, how sweet it is…

God bless America.

Thanks for supporting the arts!

Thanks to all for lending voices and musical accompaniment to the performing arts whenever possible.

                      “Music is the universal language of mankind.”

                                                 —Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

And thanks to parents, teachers, public and private schools, colleges and universities, Kidz Kabaret, School of Performing Arts, Naperville Men’s Glee Club, One More Time (OMT) and the whole world for supporting the arts to provide us with a universal language.

Song Credits / Thanks to Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway, Barry Manilow, the Carpenters, Tim Minchin (Matilda, the new Broadway musical), Sy Miller and Jill Jackson, Edwin Excell, and Irving Berlin, just a few of the songwriters who imagine and write the music we love to sing.

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