Above / One of the highlights of the changing season every September is the colorful Naperville Art League Riverwalk Fine Arts Fair. For 2015, the two-day event ran Sept. 19-20 in downtown Naperville. During the event, copies of the insert that appeared in the Daily Herald were available at the Info Booth, Webster at Jackson.  And by the way, thanks for all the good humor, important feedback and photos this month!

TO PN: The Pope reads from PN. Greetings from Philadelphia! —Pat Benton


Editor’s Note: Where else except the City of Brotherly Love could Polly and Pat Benton pose for the fun of it under the sculpture by Robert Indiana with a copy of PN weekly? Thanks for reading, Polly and Pat!

TO PN: The final results are in for the 2015 Judd A Thon. We were able to present a check to the VFW National Home For Children this past Saturday for $17,408. That is about $4,000 more than last year. We want to thank all the sponsors, participants and volunteers that helped to make the Judd A Thon a success.

We were global this year campers! A unit in Al Assad, Iraq ran the Judd A Thon at the same time we did. Their shirts didn’t get there in time but they will send us a picture of them wearing the shirts. The great thing about it was they laughed doing the run. It was a small bit of time that they had happy thoughts.

Some of the highlights of the race were the flyover at the singing of the National  Anthem by a model airplane, warm up exercises by our own Master Gunnery Sergeant Dave Szablewski and the costumes worn by some of the runners. OMG some of them were scary and hilarious. People stayed around afterward to have some fun.

We are already in the planning stages for the Judd A Thon for 2016. Tentatively the date will be the third Sunday in September. Mark your calendars now. Exciting stuff is being planned for the craziness that is the Judd A Thon.

—Mike Barbour


To PN: Bill Beckman, Fort Myers, Florida, and NCHC Class of 1960 graduate, enjoyed the 55th reunion this weekend. (Sept. 23-25, 2015)

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Roberta Priz who provided news about the 2015 Class of 1960 55th Reunion Committee, including Sally Pentecost, Ruth Witt, Mary Jansen, Toby Hayer, Tom Priz, Ed Vanecek , George Matson and Norma Wooley.  (T-shirt by S&R Monogramming!)

To PN:  The Weather Gods were with us this year — I had so much fun working with the artists and watching the crowds buy art.  I am always saddened when Riverwalk Sunday comes to a close . . .But then, it is time to start working on RFAF 2016 — cool! Take care and thanks to all!  —Debbie Venezia, Executive Director, Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery

To PN: Just got word … The Scarlet Oak was pruned today (Sept. 25, 2015)……..good for another 25+ years! —Diane Conlan, Chatham, NJ

Editor’s Note: Progress report in response to mention in “Road Trip” story that included Chatham Borough Council meeting when the future of a 175-year-old scarlet oak tree was on the agenda. Below is a copy of a news story featured in the Chatham Courier.


To PN: Thank you for finding space for our tribute to our U.S. Constitution in your current issue (Sept. 16, 2015 and online) of Positively Naperville. Thank you for helping others to take the time to view it and bless our country for its founding framers. Also, love your new “weekly” paper. —Bettye Wehrli

To PN: We did find Positively Naperville Weekly at Anderson’s. … Thanks. You’re doing a great job. —Cathi Shumacher

To PN & Friends: We are less than two weeks away from the 9th Annual Kyra’s Idea Angie’s Hope fundraiser! (2015 Big Ball Soccer Tournament, Saturday, Sept. 26th, 5-9pm, Players Indoor Sports Center, 1740 Quincy Ave.) Now that our family is living in Georgia we aren’t able to do as much as we once were.  We are more grateful than ever for the people who give their time, money and talents to support this cause. One thing we can do from our new home and you can do from wherever you are is get the word out, please help!

Kyra started this effort when she was 7 years old with a goal of raising $200 to help find a cure for SMA. To date, Angie’s Hope has exceeded $150,000 in donations and the medical advances are more promising than ever. Please visit Kyra’s fundraising page to read in her own words about Angie’s Hope and consider making a donation.

Going to be in Naperville on the 26th?  So are we! Registration for the Big Ball Tourney is still open. No skill or shin guards required. This game is wheelchair friendly and because of the giant ball it’s a fun game to play and watch! It takes a lot of volunteers to help us on the day of the event, so please consider signing up for a shift. Invite your friends and family to come out for a fun night. We’ll have a DJ, concessions, photo booth, inflatables, the Chicago Fire street team, a silent auction and more. Visit www.AngiesHope.org to register, volunteer or learn more.

As we prepare for our 9th  fundraiser our family continues to be overwhelmed by the support we’ve received in our effort to help find a cure for this devastating disease. Thank you from all of Team Scadden. Together We Will Find a Cure!  —Kris Scadden

To PN: Here’s the paper (Bonnie County Daily Bee) from Sandpoint, Idaho! Thought you might enjoy going through it. —Suzi Looney

To PN: We just attended a Mental health Summit at Hines. Now more than ever if you know of a Veteran or someone in the active duty military that is having mental health issues please talk to them and tell them help is near. For your information the largest number of Veterans receiving care at Hines is in the Mental Health Department. They take care of the hidden ravages of war. The staff is truly dedicated to helping veterans in crisis. All a Veteran has to do is call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 Press 1. I can tell you from personal experience the Crisis Line is a huge help. Below is a link to my column that appears monthly in Positively Naperville. I am so grateful to have such a vehicle which helps me get the word out about Veterans issues. THANK YOU PN!!!!!!!!!!!!


—Mike Barbour, Naperville Township Veterans Advocate, American Legion Post 43 Service Officer and VFW Post 3873 Service Officer

To PN: I love your features with event photos (I grew up in Naperville and enjoy seeing the site grow!)

—Erin Skaggs, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Easter Seals DuPage & Fox Valley

Editor’s Note: Easter Seals DuPage & Fox Valley will host its annual luncheon and fashion show on Sat., Sept. 19. For info, check out the story with contact info posted on this website.

newcomers-sept-2015To PN: We had our Kick-Off today (Next up the Naperville Naperville Newcomers and Neighbors Club meets for coffee at the Naperville Municipal Center on Oct. 5 and Nov. 2 and children are welcome.) and it was a huge success!

I have a couple of pics I’d like to share, perhaps you can use them.

—Sue Maloney, Naperville Newcomers and Neighbors Club

To PN: Please mark your calendar for the “Healing Field 2015 Launch Party” to be held at the Park District (Riverwalk) Eatery on Rotary Hill next Thursday, September 17th.  The “Party” will be from 5:30-7PM with light snacks and refreshments (non-alcoholic) FREE!!!!!   We will have our Combined Color Guard to present the Colors and compliment a very brief program @ 5:45PM.

This will be the “kick-off” to our Healing Field flag sales and the promotion of our theme- “50 Years of Healing” to coincide with the “50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War” Program nationwide.  As many of you know, we will have our own 60 percent replica of the Vietnam Wall for the week surrounding Veterans Day and part of having 2015 Flags on Rotary Hill.

Flags on Rotary Hill

Hopefully, many Veterans will be able to come by and be part of this very special kick-off.   There is no finer way to honor a fellow Veteran that to be part of this. You can feel free to come and go depending on your other plans.  Once the short program is done, we hope many will stick around and enjoy everyones’ company.

Thanks and we hope many of you can come and be part of this.

Wayne Fischer (American Legion Post 43, Judd Kendall VFW Post 3873 and 2015 Healing Field Committee) 

Editor’s Note:  Previously post featuring details of 50-Day Launch Party.  Please note that American flags also are available to purchase in honor of a veteran at the Naperville Park District Administration Building, 320 W. Jackson Ave., and at www.healingfield.org/naperville.

TO PN (In response to story about Batten Disease): My three year old niece is named Holley. Holley has Batten disease and our family is lost and broken. We live in a small country town called Peterborough, SA. This is a rare disease and has not cure, but either America or England might be able to help. I made a fund page to help with funds. … Here is her link: http://www.gofundme.com/holleysophie.

—Chloe Rebecca Wilson, Petersborough, South Africa 


To PN / Naperville Wit & Wisdom – Summer Job at Cock Robin: Hey, I used to sit on that bridge, but not after 1971.  Don’t remember anyone causing trouble for people walking by.  Of course, I could be wrong.  —Jeff Moffatt

Editor’s Note: Meg Landek’s Wit & Wisdom received loads of feedback. Thanks to all!

PN always is looking for local lore and stories to fill the guest column titled “Naperville Wit and Wisdom.” For consideration, simply send 250-300 words to tim@positivelynaperville.com.

To PN / Open Letter from Mayor Steve Chirico: This is a great solution. I would like to suggest that in addition to this, the city start annexing the unincorporated areas. Those folks get a great deal of the benefits of Naperville without paying Naperville taxes. This would increase the tax base with only a negligible increase in services. —Ed Crotty