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It’s almost time for Dick Tracy sculpture to be moved



Above / Sculptors Donald Reed & Kylee Reed await the moment the Dick Tracy sculpture they were commissioned to create for Century Walk is lifted from the plaza by Naperville Township Building and transported to a temporary location during construction of the Water Street District. (Update Sept. 17, 2015)

At approximately 10AM this Thursday, Sept. 17, Lend Lease Construction  Managers  for the Water Street District are expected to begin moving the Century Walk sculpture of Dick Tracy from its current location in the plaza by the Naperville Township Building.

The move which has been anticipated for months will help protect the popular sculpture that depicts the world’s favorite crime stopper during the ongoing construction of the Riverwalk and Naperville Township plaza.

dick tracy

Above / Since 2010,  9-foot tall bronze sculpture of Dick Tracy has stood near the Naperville Township Building to remind folks of the popular comic strip character that helped make “Crimestoppers” a household name. Dick Tracy is connected to Naperville via resident Dick Locher who wrote and illustrated the popular syndicated comic strip for 32 years.

The 9-foot tall bronze sculpture will be removed from its foundation, secured and lifted by back hoe and then wrapped and boxed for the  move to temporary storage offsite for approximately 60 days until its new upper location adjacent to the Riverwalk is completed.

Sculptor Donald Reed from River Edge Foundry in Biloit, Wisconsin, will inspect the piece after it is removed from its foundation, and prior to packing for transit and storage.  Based on the inspection, Reed will identify any repairs and/or preventative maintenance required, and then propose a scope of work, if indicated, which Marquette will address prior to reinstallation.

“There has been much community interest in the moving of this treasured Century Walk icon,” said Jeff Prosapio, Executive Vice President of Development for Marquette Companies, developers of the Water Street District.

“We are taking every precaution to ensure its safety during the construction, and look forward to enjoying Dick Tracy in his new location on higher ground on the newly configured Township Building plaza as soon as possible.”

RELATED POSTS / Search “Dick Tracy” on this website and discover his connection to Naperville via comic strip illustrator and Pulitzer Prize winner Dick Locher. Dick Locher and his wife, Mary, were in attendance when the sculpture was lifted and carted away for safe keeping during construction.

PN PHOTO GALLERY of the uplifting event from September 17, 2015


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