Ayo is a huge LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers fan; Mike counters with passion for the Chicago Bulls. But they are definitely in agreement when it comes to 360 Youth Services’ Mentoring Program where the duo was introduced.

From bantering back and forth about their favorite basketball teams to deeper conversations about life in general, the pair spend time together sharing perspectives and experiences. Each has high marks for the other and they both emphasize the value of mentoring.

Ayo came into 360’s Transitional Housing Program when he found himself homeless. Before he graduated from the program, he had taken advantage of the Mentoring Program and was paired with Mike. Mike is an author (Suicide Escape) and speaker, and wanted to become more involved with 360. He stepped up to become a mentor for Ayo nearly a year ago. They spend a lot of time talking, grabbing a bite to eat or just “hanging out.”

The staff at 360 have a wait list of young people like Ayo (teens and young adults) who would like a mentor. There is an especially long list of boys eager to have the input of an encouraging male mentor. Those with a heart for helping will find details on 360’s website at www.360youthservices.org/counseling/#mentor.

Mike says, “It’s rewarding to see Ayo’s progress. Sometimes the greatest difference you can make is the one you make 1-on-1.” Ayo adds, “I think everyone should have a mentor; it’s helpful and Mike makes me feel good about myself.”

And that’s where Ayo and Mike are now.