This column, written by a different Naperville resident every month, is dedicated to the wit, wisdom and practical advice that’s been passed down from their parents.

by Guest Columnist Kristen Jungles

KJ+photoI love local politics. I have a huge amount of respect for a resident who has the courage to put his or her name on a ballot, the dedication to run a campaign and the commitment to serve our great community.

The political signs, calls to their homes and endless debates, bother many people. Not me. It is a reminder during the political season of just how lucky we are as citizens of this country to be able to vote.

What is incredibly disappointing about most municipal elections is that fewer than 25 percent of registered voters actually take the time to vote. With early voting and absentee voting options for residents, there are not too many reasons not to exercise your privilege to vote.

Too busy?

Tell that to the service men and women deployed overseas that are protecting your every day freedoms.

Not important?

Tell that to every man and woman that fought for equal rights for every citizen of the United States.

April 7 marks a very important day for the City of Naperville. Residents will be asked to vote for a new Mayor of Naperville, eight City Council members and numerous local school boards, community college boards, park district officials and others.

The people you are voting for are the same individuals that, as elected officials, will make decisions that impact your property tax bill, consider new development opportunities and collaborate to make Naperville a great place to live and work.

Your vote is important.

Do your part as a citizen.

Use the Election & Voter’s Guide provided by Positively Naperville.

Educate yourself on who is running for office in Naperville.

And get to the polls and VOTE!

Editor’s Note: Polls are open from 6AM-7PM on Tues., April 7, 2015.