Hello, Readers!

The April edition hit the streets a little early. As the days to become an informed voter in the Consolidated Election begin to count down to a precious few, we’ve been receiving e-mails from candidates and their supporters.

In the spirit of this publication, we have attempted to promote and provide space for all candidates to distinguish themselves. During this final week of campaigning, we welcome “Letters to the Editor” from candidates that we will post online upon receipt before the end of Early Voting.

Thank you.

Stephanie Penick, Publisher & Editor

Commentary as it appears in the April Print Edition of PN 

It’s no April Fool’s joke that PN’s passion has been to educate voters about all the candidates running in the Consolidated Election on April 7. Though our editors have never endorsed candidates in print in this publication, we never tire of trying to get citizens to honor the privilege of voting where it counts the most—locally.

We have welcomed the positive input we have witnessed during the past few months when folks have visited our Election Guide, featuring all candidates running for Mayor, City Council, local boards of education, Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners and the College of DuPage Board of Trustees.

PN’s online guide now links to other media outlets and individuals’ websites that help tell the story of this historic election in Naperville. It’s been fascinating to see how other organizations endorse a different set of candidates from the same group of hopefuls.

Local candidates have invested time, talents and funds to try to earn your vote. They’ve certainly made themselves available to meet with the electorate.

We admit trying to find the balance to fill eight seats has been a challenge. More and more, voters tell us they’re “bullet” voting for only their favorite candidate(s).

We’ve come to think that if registered voters don’t have time to at least become educated about five or six candidates, then it’s OK to stay home. More than ever, informed and engaged voters are the ones we hope will vote on Election Day. It’s an honorable privilege we cherish.

As traditionalists, we’ll head to the polls none too soon on Election Day, Tues., April 7. Polls will be open from 6AM-7PM.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in participating, plenty of information has been tracked in all the races since the last day of filing on Nov. 24, 2014, for the City Council that includes the Mayor. Check it out at www.election.positivelynaperville.com.  Thank you.

And another thing…

When we awaken on April 8, the news of Naperville’s next Mayor will be splashed all over the headlines.

And the witty words of Will Rogers will prompt many to wish for different results.

“Elections are a good deal like marriages,” Rogers said back in his day when he won America’s hearts as a humorist. “There’s no accounting for anyone’s taste.”

Many happy returns.