Lt. Governor Sanguinetti to chair task force / Warren L. Dixon III named to serve


Warren  L. Dixon III is named to Governor’s Task Force.

Governor Bruce Rauner announced today the members of the newly created Local Government and Unfunded Mandates Task Force. The task force is comprised of municipal and county leaders, representatives of school districts, state legislators, and experts in consolidation. They represent all areas of Illinois. The task force is chaired by Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti.

The aim of the task force is to identify ways to help local governments consolidate and eliminate duplicate governmental bodies, school districts and taxing authorities. Streamlining these services will help prevent waste and use taxpayer dollars more efficiently. It will also find ways to reduce the number of unfunded mandates the state imposes on local communities.

“Illinois has an excessive number of local government units and the state severely limits local governments’ ability to control their own costs,” Gov. Rauner said in a written statement. “Consolidating local government and reducing the burden of unfunded mandates imposed by the state will reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve delivery of services.”

“Streamlining local governments will help them better provide core services to the hard-working families in Illinois,” Lt. Gov. Sanguinetti said. “I am honored to work for the taxpayers by helping their local governments become more efficient so they can better serve the people they represent.”

Tax Assessor Dixon will serve

Warren L. Dixon III, Naperville Township Assessor, former DuPage County Board of Review, has been named to the task force.

“I am very excited and honor to get this appointment, said Dixon when contacted after the news was released from the Governor’s office on Friday.

“We should be encouraging cooperation between local units of government and school districts to streamline, share services, and consolidate functions,” Dixon noted.

“Local governmental units deliver critical services to local residents and businesses. We need to help lessen the burden of unfunded mandates imposed by the state on local governments while also encouraging streamlining of local government functions in order to save taxpayers money.”

Finally Dixon expressed his thoughts that his “20 years of experience in the property valuation field both locally and nationally will be a valuable asset in understanding the bottom line impact of property taxes in Illinois for the task force. The task is challenging, but it’s something that absolutely needs an in-depth review, with sound recommendations to increase efficiencies, while maintaining transparent and accessible government.”

Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force

Under the leadership of Lt. Governor Sanguinetti, members of the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force are as follows:

Rep. Tom Demmer, Former Lee County Board Member

Rep.  Mark Batinick

Rep. Jack D. Franks

Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch

Sen. Dan Duffy

Sen. Dale A. Righter

Sen. Martin A. Sandoval

Sen. Linda Holmes

Karen Darch, Barrington Mayor

Karen Hasara, Member of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, Former Mayor of Springfield, Chair of Sangamon County Citizens Efficiency Commission

Brad Cole, Executive Director of the Illinois Municipal League, Former Carbondale Mayor

Ryan Spain, Peoria City Council Member

Dan Cronin, DuPage County Chairman, Former Member of the Illinois General Assembly

Michael Bigger, Former Stark County Chairman

Mark Kern, St. Clair County Chairman, Former Alderman and Mayor of Belleville

John Espinoza, Whiteside County Board Member

Rev. James T. Meeks, Illinois State Board of Education

Dr. Darlene Ruscitti, DuPage Regional Superintendent of Schools

Steffanie Seegmiller, Arthur School Board Chairman

M. Hill Hammock, Senior Fellow – Metropolitan Planning Council, Former Chief Administrative Officer for Chicago Public Schools

Char Foss-Eggemann, Park Ridge Library Board of Trustees

Warren L. Dixon III, Naperville Township Assessor, Former DuPage County Board of Review

George Obernagel, Chairman – Kaskaskia Regional Port District

Serving in an Advisory Capacity: Clayton Frick, Deloitte Services LP

Editor’s Note: For many years, this publisher of Positively Naperville has been concerned about the multi-layered government that exists in Illinois. Back in January 2010, we expressed our opinion about the need to economize for the sake of every citizen in the state via a column in the Daily Herald.  Thanks for being an educated citizen in Illinois.