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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Equal Fun for Everyone – WDSRA spring break trips


This time of year, as spring fever sets in, phrases like “tropical paradise” and “all-inclusive,” can really warm the heart and spark the imagination. For many of us snow-weary northerners, spring break seems synonymous with escape.

At Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA), we know that our participants feel the same way. So for many years now, WDSRA has offered travel opportunities during the week of spring break. This program allows adults with disabilities the opportunity to travel to exciting places in the company of their peers with WDSRA staff serving as chaperones.

This year, fifteen very excited participants (and three very lucky, but hardworking WDSRA staff members) will fly to exotic Jamaica and stay at the Grand Bahia Principe – an all-inclusive, tropical paradise. For some of our participants, this is their first experience traveling without their parents. Developmentally, the experience of having a separate vacation from parents fosters independence, social skills, and an increased understanding of the larger world.

The program fees for WDSRA trips are significant, but families of our participants say the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. Parents appreciate the week of respite from their caretaking responsibilities. One mother, after sending her adult son on a WDSRA spring break trip, told staff that she and her husband were able go on a rare and long-overdue romantic getaway during the same week, knowing their son was in good hands, enjoying his own adventures.

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Terri Gregory
Terri Gregoryhttp://www.wdsra.com
Terri Gregory is Community Relations Supervisor for Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. WDSRA offers recreational opportunities for adults and children with special needs through programs and inclusion services. WDSRA is a cooperative extension of nine park districts. Almost 30 percent of WDSRA’s participants are from Naperville. Contact her at WDSRA via (630) 681-0962 or terrig@wdsra.com.