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Monday, January 30, 2023

Pet Words of Wisdom – Planning


daisypetswebIt’s hard to believe we’ve already made it through January! Time is becoming so short as I get older. I once heard a comedian say that as you age it’s just Fourth of July and Christmas. I’m beginning to believe it.

We’re already planning our spring here at Dog Patch—figuring out the layout of our pond yard and what fish and plants to bring in for the season.

Inside we’re working on rearranging our dog and cat food section. For those of you who are regulars, it must seem like we are always changing things.

We are constantly evaluating what we sell. We look at how it is performing for us sales wise. How it feeds to the animals. How customers tell us it’s going. How the company is treating us and our customers.

Quite a lot goes into selling a dog food. Has the company been changing ingredients? Any recalls? Is the company being sold to some entity that makes us wary of how the food will be handled in the future? We face these issues everyday with nearly every food we sell.

Sometimes the food we think is awesome just doesn’t sell. No matter what we do it just sits there. We have to let go of our emotional attachment and say good bye. Sometimes a company I just totally dislike sells a great food and I have to bite the bullet and sell their food. I have done and still do both.

We continue to seek out only the best for you and your pets. We remind ourselves that there are two parts to every sale here at Dog Patch. You are our customer, but your pet is our consumer. It is our job to keep our customer’s happy and our consumer’s happy and healthy.

Greg Gordon
Greg Gordonhttp://dogpatchpets.com
Greg Gordon is the General Manager and Proprietor of Dog Patch Pet & Feed in Naperville. Contact him through the pet store at info@dogpatchpets.com.