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Naperville’s Quigley’s welcomes patrons to ‘Raise Your Glass’ for Casey and Kinney


UPDATE, Oct. 23, 2014 / With a pub packed with well-wishers, Ray Kinney and Dan Casey were called to the stage area at Quigley’s with notes in hand shortly after 8PM Oct. 23. Each of the two active community leaders had been directed to fete the other one. Longtime friends of the duo thought perhaps the toast might turn into a roast.

Ray Kinney, left, cajoled Guinness ambassador Jeremy Geiger into a much simpler toast than expected during festivities to “raise a glass” for his good deeds and Dan Casey’s, too.

After Jeremy Geiger, Mini-Brand Ambassador for Guinness, introduced Kinney and Casey (though they needed no introductions), he praised the friends and said it was time to “raise a glass” to recognize their community spirit and he asked them for a few words.

At that time, fun-loving Kinney, with notes in his pocket, simply gave a toast, foregoing the reading of a page overflowing with history and accolades that had been written by Rosemarie Breske Garvey and Kathleen Hausmann about Casey, owner of Casey’s Foods.  And Casey did the same for his friend who owns Minuteman Press.

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“Sláinte!” came sooner than expected.  And the crowd played on until the live band began again as it does every Thursday evening at 9PM.

Guinness engraved glasses for cheers all around. Sláinte!

During the event, Geiger also engraved Guinness glasses with personal messages for frequent patrons. The glasses were complimentary, but patrons were welcomed to make a donation to benefit the Leary Firefighters Foundation, Guinness’ charity of choice.

Quite by coincidence, Oct. 23 also was the evening of the Citizens Appreciate Public Safety Awards Dinner to honor the Naperville Fire Department held at Meson Sabika, another way to support and recognize first responders.

Guinness aims to ‘raise a glass’ and funds for local firefighters

Original Post / Quigley’s Irish Pub has planned a fun event  from 7 to 9PM, Thurs., Oct. 23, 2014, honoring two local men with Irish heritage, Dan Casey and Ray Kinney.

More than once, Dan Casey and Ray Kinney have volunteered to assist in Quigley’s Irish Coffee Contest where Guinness was served to cleanse the palate between tastes. (PN Photo, March 2013)

Along with Guinness and Euclid Beverage, Quigley’s will host “Raise Your Glass” in “appreciation of the boys for all the awesome they do in Naperville,” said owner Nancy Quigley.

Folks at Quigley’s know that Casey and Kinney are not only regular patrons at the popular pub, but the two men also generously support every day the quality of life in Naperville with their many good deeds.

According to General Manager Andy Nosek, Quigley’s submitted lots of information about the community spirit of Casey and Kinney so that Guinness could come up with the proper toast that will be presented Thursday evening.

Nosek added, “We at Quigley’s wanted to extend the invite to as many as we could to show Dan & Ray how much they are truly appreciated in this town.”

The public is invited.

After all, Quigley’s is the Irish pub of downtown Naperville with a bar and several public rooms licensed for the sale and consumption of alcoholic drink, providing meals and appetizers and plenty of Guinness on tap.

Quigley’s is located at 43 E. Jefferson.


Celebrate safely.

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