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No crayon is left behind at Anderson’s Bookshops’ Crayon Uprising


Day_the_Crayons_QuitAnderson’s Bookshop in downtown Naperville is going on the record in support of crayons. “Every crayon deserves all the fair and equal treatment available under the rainbow, and now’s the time to stand up and be heard. At last, the crayons are drawing the line,” announced Becky Anderson, one of the owners of the family-owned and operated Anderson’s Bookshops in Naperville and Downers Grove. “No matter how you color it, readers of all ages may join us in recognizing the role crayons play in our lives.”

Anderson’s has joined a nationwide campaign organized by the children’s publisher, Penguin Young Readers Group. The campaign’s message is meant to strengthen the notion that perseverance and information can influence change. All of the activities and events scheduled spring from last year’s very successful children’s picture book, The Day the Crayons Quit, by Drew Daywalt with illustrations by Oliver Jeffers. The crayons feel overworked or unused, stubby or naked, ignored or worn to a nub and they are making themselves seen! The public is encouraged to come join the official party hosted by the official crayons union and Anderson’s Bookshop. Draw near and be heard!

In The Day the Crayons Quit, each crayon writes a letter sharing complaints with how they are being treated and used. Blue explains that coloring skies and oceans requires an awful lot of blue. Red gripes that working on so many holidays takes a toll. Yellow and Orange are locked in a never-ending dispute about the true color of the sun. Black feels slighted, as a life of outlining seems to be a permanent and dull job. The grievances go on and on with no fair solution. The crayons have threatened to quit.

‘Anderson’s Crayon Protest’ 11AM Sat., Oct. 4 / Naperville & Downers Grove

This family fun program asks the public to convince the crayons not to go through with it. Children and adults are encouraged to attend a protest at 11AM on Saturday, October 4 at either Anderson’s Bookshop location, which includes 123 W. Jefferson Ave. in downtown Naperville or at 5112 Main St. in Downers Grove. Participants will receive an “I Support the Crayons” sticker. The event is free and open to the public.

Both locations will feature costumed crayon characters, and materials to help families join a letter-writing/drawing/coloring campaign to support the crayons. They will be encouraged to give these crayons a much needed break by using other colors in creative ways. Anderson’s will host a parade in both store locations to showcase the joy colors bring to life.

Anderson’s Crayon Protest event is part of Anderson’s Bookshops’ calendar of special literary events. To participate, please call or visit Anderson’s. Anderson’s Bookshops specialize in book sales, author events, booksignings, and building a sense of community, learning and fun. The store has been helping Naperville readers for six generations.

In 1878, Oswald’s pharmacy began selling books as a service to customers.  So successful was that side of the business that it became an independent entity in 1964.  Based in downtown Naperville, the store has grown with the community ever since.  A second location is also open in downtown Downers Grove, at 5112 Main Street (630)-963-2665.  A gift shop, Anderson’s Two-Doors East, at 111 W. Jefferson Ave., in Naperville, opened in the fall of 2009.

Key to Anderson’s success has been creative and fun family events, like the October 4 program featuring The Day the Crayons Quit.

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