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Journey with Autism – Communication source


JoeyMy name is Joseph Rosenbloom. I reside in South Barrington with my Mom and Dad.  My dearest best friend and sister is named Raia. Great joy comes through me when time is spent with her.

Just because I have the burden of Autism doesn’t mean I’m not essentially the same in the internal elements. Dreams go through me. We live to see those who are different treated equally by people who wield the power.

My long love of CNN gives me great yearning to make sure we learn and live higher in our justice for those everywhere who suffer prejudices. For those with Autism lacking a communication source, it always links them with last radical painful resort.

I have practiced typing for many years.  It took for me to gain a glimpse of heroes who could use devices instead of furious actions to let me dare to dearly hope my thoughts might be freed. Before I opened the doorway to putting my thoughts into words I lived in a tortured lost place which was filled with anger. If I think options to fully express what’s in their minds is only given to so few, I would not rest praying the road is filled with many more like me.

As a 26-year-old, I hope my words portray what my eyes see and what I feel through writing this column. I am excited to interview community activists in and out of the world of Autism. Kind readers it is a privilege giving me your time. I pave a path into the world inside the head and heart of a man with Autism.

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Joe Rosenbloom
Joe Rosenbloom
Joe Rosenbloom is a 29-year-old young man with autism spectrum disorder, who is passionate about outreach and social justice.