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Ed’s Many Hats – I’m on the road to home again


If you’ve been reading my column for the past number of years, you know that May is the month our zoo returns from Sarasota, Florida, to Thrillville. Many funny and unusual things have happened to us on the 1,200 mile two day trip.

ed_hats_phone_bwAs you may recall, Kathy, Chance and the horses travel together in a Ford F-150 with a two-horse trailer. Murphy, my faithful co-pilot cat and I follow close behind to watch for tire explosions. A few years ago we had four trailer tires come apart at high speeds on the freeway. It all starts when a large part of the tread comes off a tire and hits my windshield. It certainty wakes Murphy up.

Kathy always makes reservations for the horses in a horse hotel along the way; usually north of Atlanta. After checking the horses in, we get two rooms at a local motel…one for Kathy and Chance and one for Murphy and me. Murph and Chance refuse to share a room.

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One year Kathy decided to try a new horse hotel and made reservations at a place in Adairsville, Georgia. On the website video it showed a beautiful efficiency condo built inside the barn. It even promised to serve bagels, juice and coffee for breakfast. When we arrived and looked at the condo, we wondered how much lipstick PhotoShop could put on a pig.

It was late and as bad as the condo looked, we decided to go have some tacos at the Taco Bell we passed on the way in and we hit the sack afterward. At dinner Kathy frowned as I ordered a double order of pinto beans.

During the night I heard a noise outside the window right by my side of the bed. It was very dark outside as I cupped my hands around my eyes and looked out the window. Not more than six inches from my face was a cow staring at me. I was raised on a farm, so a big smile crept across my face as I opened the window and petted old Besse.

Being born and raised on a farm is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Traveling with our zoo is one of the most interesting.

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Ed Channell
Ed Channell
Ed Channell has served on many boards, foundations and fundraising campaigns during more than 50 years in Naperville—and he loves feedback. Give it to him at echannell1@gmail.com.


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