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Pet Words of Wisdom – Ponds and pups for springtime


Ponds and pups for springtime Pond season is upon us. It came late this year. Very late.

Dog Patch Koi Pond from Positively Naperville on Vimeo.

By this time last year we had had fish in our outdoor vats for a month. I am just bringing them in as I write this story.

It was a harsh winter for folks with ponds. Many of us lost all of our koi. It seems the prolonged winter did take its toll.

We have been slowly getting ready for the season. Our pumps and filters are arriving. Our support supplies like beneficial bacteria and enzymes for natural algae control have arrived.

The old school barley straw bales to control algae also are here and ready. We have plenty of koi food available, although it needs to warm up just a bit for feeding to begin. We are excited to bring in koi and plants that will be arriving in early May, most likely by the time you read this news.

We are famous for our $2 baby koi. It’s such fun to watch them grow. A two-inch fish can easily be a four to six inch fish in a year!

We also will have goldfish, tadpoles, rosies, which are awesome mosquito eaters in large numbers. Our fish will be on sale early this year to help everyone restock their ponds.

Plants, which won’t arrive before Mother’s Day will be plenty and varied. We will have lots of potted marginals and lilies, oxygenating plants and certainly the floating plants everyone loves.

I love this time of year. Pond season gets us outside. I love feeding the koi. I like messing around with filters and pumps. Checking water quality and even fighting algae.

I like hearing about everyone’s pond and how different they are. And I love seeing photos!

Don’t forget that we are loaded with dogs and cats seeking adoption. What better way to spend the summer …trying to keep your new buddy out of your pond!

Thanks as always!

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Greg Gordon
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