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The Y – Time to celebrate spring


Erika WoodNow is our time to enjoy everything wonderful about springtime. It is opportunity to get outside and take advantage of the nice weather. We are fortunate to live in a community that embraces being active and provides trails, walkways and events for us to enjoy.

April is also the Month of the Child. This is a time when communities and individuals can come together to support the needs of children and families. Together we can assure that every child experiences and environment at home, school, and in the community which promotes learning. As individuals even smiling at a child promotes a positive community environment.

Fostering a healthy lifestyle in children is critical to their development, ensuring they are physically active and having access to nutritious foods each day. YMCAs locally promote the philosophy of 5,4,3,2,1 Go!

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This simple messaging promotes each day 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 4 servings of water, 3 servings of low fat dairy, 2 hours or less of screen time, and 1 hour of physical activity.

Just recently the children enrolled in the YMCA Safe ‘n Sound Program through school districts 203 and 204 were surveyed regarding healthy eating. Interestingly enough, the results showed that children expressed most interest in wanting to try eggplant and pumpkin.

Our YMCAs encourage children to eat healthy, come and be active. Our annual Healthy Kids Day is a national YMCA imitative to support healthy living in children and providing resources for success.

Celebrate on April 16 at the Y

On Sat., April 16, the entire community is invited to participate in Healthy Kids Day 2014 at the Kroehler YMCA from 9-12 and the Fry YMCA from 9-2. There are a variety of activities planned for the whole family including bounce houses, special classes, local vendors supporting healthy living, and more. This is a wonderful opportunity to get moving this spring, support the healthy development of our children, and celebrate a healthy lifestyle.

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Erika Wood
Erika Woodhttp://www.ymcachicago.org/pages/safe-n-sound-staff
Erika Wood is the Executive Director of the YMCA Safe ‘n Sound. Contact her at ewood@ymcachicago.org.


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