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Mo & Mike on the Move – Galena Getaway


I know this winter is getting on everyone’s nerves, but I have to say that even though it’s been cold and snowy, Mike and I had a great Valentine’s Day over President’s Day weekend up in Galena.

KrolsGalena always has been a place we love to go to unwind and renew. The town of Galena has great little shops and restaurants—it’s just relaxing.

As we were driving up on Friday—I was reading as usual—Mike says, “Hey, can you see that bird?”

It was an eagle, the first I’d ever seen in the wild.

Well, it was a weekend of seeing eagles (amazing). Unfortunately, Mike went to get his telescopic lens and it wasn’t in his camera bag. Talk about an unhappy camper!

Still, we had a great experience at the Eagle Ridge lodge. When we went in, there were four of the most beautiful Malamutes! They have dog sled outings for kids. How cool! They were awesome and big, and friendly— everyone was taking pictures and petting these big, big dogs. We just couldn’t take our eyes off of them!

Even though Mike didn’t have the camera stuff (real technical term!) he needed, we still enjoyed driving around to see the beautiful scenery. Since both of us were born and raised in the Chicago area, just seeing hills and rolling farm fields is different.

Anyway, when we returned home Mike was on a mission to find his camera lens.

Of course, I said that I don’t touch his photographic stuff. After all, I leave his stuff for him to take care of and my stuff for myself.

Mike went through every drawer, shelf, storage space at least two, if not three times. Ready to order another lens, at the last minute he noticed his plain, black gym bag in the family room and another one in the office.

Voilà! The missing lens was in one of the bags. Now we have to go back to see the eagles for another weekend vacation.

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Maureen and Mike Krol
Maureen and Mike Krol
Maureen and Mike Krol can be contacted at mmkrol@sbcglobal.net.