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Naperville company launches nationwide ‘moustache-themed’ race series


UPDATE / Nov. 21: Rich Janor displayed his good sportsmanship by posing for the this photo on Wednesday to help promote “Movember,” a time to raise awareness for men’s health initiatives during the month of November. Featured in the head shot below, Janor’s “mostache” has folks calling him “Big Mo.”  When asked if he were going to keep the new hairy attraction, he emphatically said “No!”

Rich Janor with a 20-day “mostache.”

UPDATE / Nov. 1 :  This past week, Rich Janor has been walking around Naperville with a growth beginning to develop above his upper lip. He called his mustache a “Mo” and spelled it “moustache,” mindful that the month of November is when the world focuses on men’s health.  He also noted that Movember is the global men’s health charity engaging men to grow and women to support the Mo (moustache) for the 30 days of November.  Through the moustache, awareness and funds are raised for men’s health.

Bob Hackett from the Edward Naperville Marathon is slightly ahead of Rich Janor of The Mo Run in the mustache-growing department. Janor recently introduced Hackett as guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Naperville-Downtown weekly meeting at Hugo’s Frog Pond.

“I will be growing a moustache this month to support Movember, and my event company will be organizing and hosting The Mo Run™, a nationwide 5K running race series benefiting Movember,” wrote Janor in a broadcast e-mail, using the alias “Big Mo.”  

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He said the Mo Run™ will take place in Columbus, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Nashville and San Diego.

The Chicago race will take place on Sat., Nov. 9, the day before the Edward Hospital Naperville Marathon, slated for Sun., Nov. 10, begins and ends at North Central College just steps from downtown Naperville.

Here’s how to join Janor’s Team…

  • Register at MOVEMBER.COMWhen you get to the Movember home page, click on Sign Up, then Join a Team, then key in The Mo Run.  Both men and women are encouraged to register, registration only takes a few minutes, and there is no cost or specific fundraising requirements.
  • Men can join Janor and thousands of other American men in growing a moustache for the next 30 days.  Women should NOT grow a moustache (please, no), but should help spread awareness and encourage the men in your lives to live a healthy lifestyle and look after themselves.
  • Register to run The Mo Run™ 5K or sign up to volunteer.  The Chicago race will take place on November 9, and registration is quick and easy at THEMORUN.COM.

Globally, 1.1 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas participated in Movember’s 2012 campaign, raising more than $147 million world-wide.  The 2012 U.S. campaign saw more than 209,000 Americans growing and supporting the moustache.  I hope you will consider having some fun with this and joining the movement.

Janor’s earlier announcement

Things are about to get hairy. Really hairy.

A Naperville sports event management company has launched a nationwide 5K running race series called THE MO RUN™, a moustache-themed series that benefits Movember, a worldwide men’s health charity.  For 2013, race cities include Chicago, San Diego, Milwaukee, Nashville, Indianapolis and Columbus.

Rich Janor

The month of October has long been associated with women’s health and breast cancer awareness, noted Rich Janor, President/CEO of Game Day USA, the creator and organizer of THE MO RUN™.

Pink ribbons, t-shirts and other apparel can be found in schools, at events, in retail stores, and even in the National Football League (NFL).

The month of November is when the world puts a spotlight on the men’s health movement and growing the moustache, Janor added.

Based in Australia, Movember has its U.S. Headquarters in California, and is the leading charity for raising funds and awareness for men’s health and prostate cancer initiatives. The symbol for THE MO RUN™ and the men’s health movement is the moustache.

“Moustache themed parties and events are trending on college campuses and among recent college grads,” said Janor.

Runners of all ages will participate, but the collegiate and post-collegiate crowds are expected to drive big numbers. Face painters will be on hand to paint moustaches on women and children.

THE MO RUN™ is partnering with local barber shops, running stores and other sponsors to spread the word about the inaugural race series, which is expected to become an annual tradition in its host cities. Organizers also are working with local bars to develop after-parties, during which runners will toast their accomplishments and take photos.


Game Day USA hosts over 100 baseball/softball events on an annual basis, and THE MO RUN™ is the company’s first foray into running races.

“For our runners, it is more about the overall experience than it is about qualifying for the Boston Marathon,” said Janor. “The after party is a big deal in each of these cities, along with being able to post some hilarious photos on Instagram and Facebook.”

To become a sponsor or MO Ambassador, contact rich@gamedayusa.com.

For general information, volunteer opportunities, or to sign up for THE MO RUN™, visit THEMORUN.COM.



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