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Local Rotary joins forces with Naperville Responds to assist veteran in need


One phone call led to another when a team of Naperville leaders joined forces to help a neighbor.


On a mission to fulfill an unmet need, the Rotary Club of Naperville coordinated a Hands On Service project with more than 20 Rotarians.  Then club members assembled on August 24 to spruce up the property of Elaine and Glen Glover, and throughout the day Rotarians weeded, mowed, raked, swept and painted for the very grateful couple, said Liz Zienty, President of the Rotary Club.

That morning, members noticed a new roof was needed, too.

While volunteering, Zienty learned from one of the neighbors on the block that Glen Glover, age 85, had served as a U.S. Marine right after World War II.  Zienty called Mayor George Pradel, a fellow Rotarian and Honorary Board Member of Naperville Responds for our Veterans.

When Pradel arrived and learned of the need, he immediately called Patrick Bowler, President of Naperville Responds for our Veterans. Bowler called another member of the board, John Case, who was able to stop by within a half hour that day.


Also that same day, the Building Committee facilitated a roofing inspection and estimate of what work would be needed. The committee determined the need for total roof replacement, and following Executive Committee approval, the re-roof was scheduled for today.

“This is so wonderful,” said Elaine Glover, age 83.  The lifelong Naperville resident reminisced about growing up on Chicago Avenue as well as the recent conversations she’d had with neighbors who shared concerns about the raccoons that had destroyed their garage, playing havoc in the downtown neighborhood.

house-web-_DSC0537While the roofers tore off the old shingles, Glen Glover recalled roofing his house the first time 49 years ago when he built their family home. He said they had raised their son and three daughters there. A builder by trade, Grover added that his small company had built many houses “from Edward Hospital all the way to Pioneer Park.”

With Glen Glover by his side on the small front porch, Mayor Pradel said, “Glen has always been a good neighbor. And now his neighbors are being good neighbors to him.”

Did you know? The Rotary Club of Naperville is a member of Rotary International, as association comprised of 34,000 Clubs with 1.2 million members worldwide. Founded March 31, 1941, it has 150 members and meets from 12:15 -1:30PM on Thursdays at the Meson Sabika restaurant pavilion.

The Rotary Club of Naperville, one of four local Rotary clubs that meets weekly in Naperville, is also a major benefactor for charitable causes in our community and internationally.

Elaine Glover, Glen Glover, Liz Zienty, Mayor George Pradel, Debbie Prosapio, Patrick  Bowler and Jeff Lincoln.

Did you know? Naperville Responds for our Veterans is a local nonprofit organization that assists veterans in need by raising donations of money, building materials and professional labor and coordinates the process of repairing, building and donating homes. For more information, visit www.nrfov.org.

Upcoming Fundraisers

Rotary Soup’s On / 11:30AM-4PM Sun., Oct. 20

Naperville Responds for Our Veterans Third Annual  “Cheers for Our Veterans” / 6PM Wed., Nov. 6

Editor’s Note: Whenever an event is posted on this website, the public is welcome to attend, depending on space/ticket availability.  Thanks for participating in the special events in this active community with many choices and opportunities to help.



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