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Video Voice – See it your way


by Jane Wernette

nctv17_newBack to school often means the return of the morning rush. Scrambling to pack lunches, grab that all-important first cup of coffee and making sure the kids catch the bus often leaves little time for staying connected to what’s going on in your community. But NCTV17 has you covered so you can get both your breakfast and all your local Naperville news on the run. With all of our viewing options, whether you’re on the train, at the gym, or in the comfort of your living room, you can view the news your way.

NCTV17 airs your favorite shows multiple times throughout the week on Channel 17 and Channel 99. We simultaneously live stream all of our programming appearing on the channel at NCTV17.com so you can view it wherever you have time. Full episodes of popular programs, such as Naperville Sports Weekly and Naperville News 17, can also be viewed on-demand on the website.

If you only have a few minutes, you can catch up on the latest news story, sports highlight or business interview by visiting our websiteYouTube channel or Facebook. Then, when you have more time we encourage you to discuss and share the news with friends and family. And if you follow us on Twitter @NCTV17 we’ll keep you connected to all local happenings throughout the day.

Whether you prefer to get your news from a smartphone, laptop, TV or tablet, NCTV17 has you covered. From cross-town football rivalries to the latest local elections, tune in to experience the hyper-local news that matters to you and makes Naperville a one-of-a-kind community.

Jane Wernette is Community Development Director for Naperville Community Television, Channel 17. Contact her atjwernette@nctv17.com. Visit NCTV17.com for more information and the complete weekly schedule. NCTV17 is located at 127 Ambassador Drive, Suite 103 in Naperville.

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