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Startup – Naperville 2.0


Naperville is a city with a deep rooted culture of service. Its residents have a passion for giving back and its Chamber of Commerce is filled with service-based businesses. But this community is not just a random collection of individuals who happen to have these qualities, it’s a place where giving back is contagious.

mhealyThe successful businesses in Naperville network at community events, fundraisers, charity auctions and their owners and leaders embody the idea of “Servant Leadership.” The more involved you are, the more successful you become; that’s the formula. But you must be genuine about it, and you must do it for the right reasons. If you’re there just to pass out business cards, you’ll be exposed from a mile away. This formula can be clearly identified throughout members of Rotary, Jaycees, Exchange Club, The Chamber of Commerce, and many other local non-profits.

For most of the established business leaders this is a conscious culture, and they are aware of what it means to be a contributing member of the Naperville business community. They are aware because they built the model.

What happens after these established leaders retire and aren’t as active? What will become of Naperville’s exemplary business community? That’s the most exciting thing about this city… It’s the light bulb that has lit up in the young upcoming leaders and entrepreneurs. The next class of outstanding individuals in this community is coming… and they are learning from the people who laid the foundation.

If you’ve ever taken time to attend a Jaycees or Young Professionals of Naperville meeting, you’ll be amazed at the talented young people involved in local business. These two professional groups promote Naperville’s unique blend of business success through community service. The young leaders aren’t out to reinvent the wheel, but rather learn from those who have been there before. They inspire and encourage each other, and a lot of times met through a community service group. As there is a changing of the guard in Naperville, the established leaders should be extremely proud of what they’ve built and excited to share their insights with the next class. With the foundation already there and the model in place, there is nothing but upside for the city of Naperville when it comes to young leaders and entrepreneurs. Naperville 2.0 will be an exciting time!


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Mike Healy
Mike Healyhttp://www.velocityenergygroup.com
Mike Healy is a local entrepreneur and graduate of Iowa. In 2010, he founded Velocity Energy Group, a retail energy consulting firm helping businesses develop advanced procurement strategies for their electricity and natural gas. He also is the co-founder of the West Suburban Angels, a member-led, not-for-profit that brings together high-growth early stage start-up businesses looking for capital and mentorship, with investors. In addition, he is actively involved in the Jaycees, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Young Professionals of Naperville.


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