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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Off the Shelf – Mystery readers come to class


At the start of our Friday school day, the kindergarten class I work with enjoys a visit from a “mystery” reader. The “mystery” reader comes to read a favorite book of his or hers to the class.

mcorriganwebSo far this school year, the “mystery” reader each time has been a different student’s parent.

Many times, the students are able to figure out who our visitor will be by the clues given during the week.

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Our “mystery” readers have been awesome, reading wonderful stories to a very attentive group of five and six year-old students. The books have ranged from the familiar Dr. Seuss to books from France and New Zealand.

One parent, a native of France, read a Caroline book by Pierre Probst. Caroline and her group of animal friends have lots of adventures that take them to places around the world. When I looked into purchasing a book, I was amazed at how very popular the Caroline series is, not only in France, but also here in the United States.

One website stated the Caroline books, English versions, tend to fetch some of the highest prices for a children’s book on Ebay. The students were treated that morning to a wonderful story they had never heard before and learned a few French words.

Another parent, having lived in New Zealand, read Trev and the Kauri Tree by Chris Gurney and illustrated by Dave Gunson. The lovely story is a modern twist on the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. Again the students were read a book new to them and learned a few words used by New Zealanders or Kiwis.

Thank you to our “mystery” readers and to all those adults who have spent some time reading to young children. Children love having books read to them, both old and new stories.

Also, please note, Naperville Public Library has expanded its Sunday hours. The library is now open 1PM to 9PM on Sundays.

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Mary Corrigan
Mary Corrigan
Mary Corrigan is a Naperville resident, wife, mother of five, and acknowledged bookaholic. Contact her at mary_corrigan@sbcglobal.net.


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