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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

One for all and all for one


One of the highlights for the Confederation is having Naperville’s Director of Finance, Karen DeAngelis, spend a Saturday morning with us explaining the city budget and all that it means for the residents. What is amazing to all of is how clearly she explains the “why” behind the line item being described. To do this takes a good chunk of time and although, at the moment, it seemed to be really easy, trying to replicate her presentation would be really tough to attempt.

So, for that alone, this annual visit by Karen is essential for all of us to understand how far we have come, as a City, to overcome the budget crisis.

Our fellow neighbors have been loyal patrons of local businesses enabling sales taxes to return to pre- 2007 levels. Essentially all City services benefit from such strong sales tax returns and you and I continue to live in a better community due to these efforts to support the business community. The Confederation and its membership stand shoulder to shoulder with the Chamber in being proud of this obvious link to each other equally. If our neighbors did not value the business community all of the buildings would remain vacant. Obviously shoulder to shoulder is the theme, ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE.

This is the season for demonstrating the Confederation’s excellent education mission to introduce the candidates for the school districts and City Council and assist our neighbors to learn the facts and issues. This is accomplished through our public forums where the candidates answer your questions. I would like to thank our Forum committee for their efforts and huge time commitments to make these forums so successful. The Confederation is privileged to present these to you.

Please come and be part of the learning process!

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Dr. Bob Buckman
Dr. Bob Buckman
Dr. Bob Buckman is the President of the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation. Contact him at drbobbuckman@sbcglobal.net.