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Friday, March 31, 2023

Focus on Accessibility – Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Enforcement


I often get calls from residents with questions or complaints about a business in town not being accessible. It seems logical to ask the City’s ADA Coordinator to do something about it!

manning_webAs the City’s ADA Coordinator, I only can address ADA non-compliance or disability discrimination claims that concern a program or service that is offered by the City of Naperville. If you believe that a City building such as the Naperville Police Department or City Hall is not accessible – contact me. If you need assistance to attend a City program such as a City Council meeting – contact me.

The Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., is the only entity able to enforce the ADA. Since this is a very large task, state attorney general’s assist.

In Illinois that would be Lisa Madigan’s office. If you would like to make a report of an ADA violation in a public place such as a shopping center, restaurant, hotel, etc., you can contact the Disability Rights Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General’s office at (312) 814-5684 or www.IllinoisAttorneyGeneral.gov.

A complaint form can be completed on-line at that website for immediate submission.

The City of Naperville is committed to providing all citizens complete accessibility to our services and programs.


Marita Manning
Marita Manninghttp://www.naperville.il.us
Marita Manning is the Accessibility Coordinator for the City of Naperville. Contact her at ManningM@Naperville.il.us or (630) 420-6725.