Retired Cub’s pitcher Kerry Wood will be holding a book signing at Anderson’s Book Shop, 123 W. Jefferson in downtown, Tues., Dec. 11 at 7PM.

In his first children’s book, All You Can Be: Learning & Growing Through Sports, Wood explains how he is living proof that with hard work, determination and sacrifice, any dream–big or small–can become a reality and his was to play professional baseball.

“As a professional baseball player, I am granted the opportunity to help make an impact on today’s youth and this book allows me to share the dream that became a reality with a lot of important lessons,” said Wood.

Co-written by reporter Carrie Muskat, Wood enlisted the help of 30 Chicago Public School students 4th-8th, to provide drawings exemplifying their own goals for the future. Their work became the illustrations for All You Can Be, and a portion of all proceeds from book sales will help support children’s programs run by the Wood Family Foundation.

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