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Monday, March 20, 2023

Off the Shelf — Kindergarten Book-Making


Usually, after lunch, the kindergartners in room K3 have some time to color before the afternoon activities commence. The students’ interest this year has been in “making books.” They cut their one sheet of paper in half and ask to have the pages stapled together. The majority of books turn out to include just their illustrations, since the class has learned a limited number of words so far—I, and, like, the, see.

Since they have a short time to color and socialize with their classmates, the majority of books are placed in their mailboxes unfinished. With this holiday season approaching, I hope to find some organization that may enjoy receiving home-made books from kindergartners. Service projects for this age group are limited so perhaps their beautifully colored books may be one avenue of service.

I have noticed the number of coat drop off boxes at various stores around town. On my to-do-list is to pull out our winter apparel and check to see what fits and what can be passed on. The boxes make it easy to donate, as I can drop off the items when I am out running errands.

Soon, too, the toy drives will begin. Anderson’s Bookshop has had the Book Angel project for a number of years now. A small tree with paper ornaments is set up in the store. Customers can take an ornament which list a child’s age and purchase a book for them. The store also has recommended books to buy to make donating even easier. Since books are one of my favorite gifts to both give and receive, I want to thank Anderson’s for their wonder ful project and all those who help by purchasing a book.


Mary Corrigan
Mary Corrigan
Mary Corrigan is a Naperville resident, wife, mother of five, and acknowledged bookaholic. Contact her at mary_corrigan@sbcglobal.net.