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Interior Motives — The inspired room


Yes, it is true, you must start somewhere.

Many people call us after purchasing a new home or after a remodel project and say, “I don’t know where to start with the decorating.”

Do you pick the carpet first then the paint or do you buy that sofa you like then the window treatments… what comes first? I hate to tell you, but there is no rule set in stone.

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We tell most of our customers to start with the paint colors. Choose a pallet that makes you happy or creates a feeling of calm and coziness and then build around that. However, many people fall in love with an area rug or just a fabric on a pillow and build an entire room around them. That is perfectly fine to do as well.

I think many people think there must be an exact science to decorating, but it is more about creativity and emotions than rules. We often hear our customers’ fears about making a mistake in their choices.

Here’s the good news! I do not feel there are any mistakes in decorating. If you were visually drawn to a paint color, a piece of artwork, or a fabric, you were drawn to it for a reason. Go for it! Use it as your inspiration and build upon it.

You do not need to please anybody but yourself in your rooms. The only mistake in decorating is decorating to please other people. You live in your home; make it appealing to you and your family.


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Susan Fisher
Susan Fisher
Susan Fisher is a designer at Roseland Draperies & Interiors, located at 204 S. Washington in downtown Naperville. Contact her at (630) 355-1565. Susan offers free in home consultations on window treatments, bedding,and upholstery.


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