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Faithful Reflections — Courage in the storm


I spent part of an afternoon intermittently watching live web cams track the progress of tropical storm Sandy as it came ashore on the east coast.

I watched vicariously as New Yorkers drove down streets near the water’s edge experiencing the storm in  person.  Over  time  the  storm surge grew with the incoming tide, gradually erasing the protective shoreline.  When the waves began breaking over the seawall, the situation  changed  dramatically. What was once, just an hour before, a safe promenade for walkers and cyclists was made dangerous by an undertow washing out to the harbor.

The  predictable  movement  of this storm, its power and path long foretold, made this storm a news event with equipment and anchors reporting from up and down the east coast.  The predictions also allowed emergency  personnel  to  get  into place and prepare to respond to the inevitable emergency call. People got ready as best they could.

I watched the progression of the tide and the storm surge, from off shore waves, to salt spray, to flooded streets. I was not alone in this fascination with watching Internet cameras record the progress of the storm. Judging by the site counter, tens of thousands of others watched as well.

I confess I have been captivated by developing  thunderstorms,  riveted by blizzard conditions and generally fascinated by weather. Not that I can change any of it.

Some things are simply bigger than I am and completely out of my control. Spiritual wisdom has long sought acceptance of the things we cannot change and courage to change the things we can.

Grace and peace.

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Bob Atkins
Bob Atkinshttp://peopleofgrace.org
Bob Atkins is pastor at Grace United Methodist Church, 300 E. Gartner Rd. Contact Bob via email at pastorbob@peopleofgrace.org.