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Exchange Happenings — Giving back with gratitude


November is a time to be thankful for all you have.

Let me tell you why I’m thankful for the Exchange Club of Naperville.

We have more than 140 active members. We hold one of the most successful events in the State of Illinois, and even though it was rather hot this summer, we’ll be able to give back to the community more than $500 thousand dollars.

We’re able to honor a Police Officer of the Year and a Firefighter of the year. We give out American Flags in the Last Fling Parade. And we’re able to help families in need with our Adopt-a-Family program at Christmas.

We are thankful to represent such a vibrant community by giving back.

A National Exchange initiative usually observed in November is The One Nation Under God program. This program was adopted on July 30, 1964, by Exchange leaders seeking to heighten awareness about our rich religious heritage. Observed nationally, this is a special time of year when Exchangites join together to increase public appreciation of the important roles religious faith and freedom have played in our nation’s history.

Although November is dedicated toward One Nation Under God Month, these suggested projects can be equally effective at anytime of the year. The Naperville Exchange Club’s One Nation Under God Program is held in March.

Congratulations go out to the 2012 Exchangite of the Year, Trish Krenick and the 2012 Rookie of the Year, John Krummen. In August, both of these outstanding Exchangites were honored at the Installation Dinner when Jennifer Cavalier became Club President, Dawn Portner, President Elect; Diana Sorescu, Secretary; and Scott Duenser, treasurer.

The Exchange Club of Naperville is very grateful that these leaders stepped forward. The Exchange Club of Naperville now meets at 11:45AM on the first and third Fridays at Hugo’s Frog Pond. Join us to learn more about Exchange, visit www.ExchangeClub.org or call (630) 779-2702.


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Emy Trotz
Emy Trotz
Emy Trotz is the Exchange Club’s Immediate Past President. For more information about the Exchange Club of Naperville or to attend a meeting, contact me at EmyTrotz@gmail.com.