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Ss. Peter & Paul School raises $1200 in support of WDSRA


Ss. Peter & Paul School athletes played alongside Special Olympic athletes during a demonstration game of floor hockey during the school’s annual fundraising event in support of WDSRA.

The sixth annual 8th grade volleyball teams of Ss. Peter & Paul School scored big this year in support of Western DuPage Special Recreation Association Foundation. The annual event raised more than $1,200. This amount included a $500 matching gift generously donated by the Ss. Peter & Paul Athletic Association.

The evening featured two fierce games of volleyball—Ss. Peter & Paul boys’ vs. girls’ A and B teams—and a demonstration floor hockey game consisting of both Ss. Peter & Paul athletes and Special Olympics athletes. The purpose of the event was to have fun, the heighten awareness of disabilities, and raise money to support the work of WDSRA.

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