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McGruff the Crime Dog inspired Naperville’s Running Scared 5K


Glorious sunshine,  temperatures hovering between freezing and 40 degrees and McGruff the Crime Dog welcomed 154 runners of all ages and their enthusiastic  fan clubs to the first CrimeStoppers Running Scared 5K in Naperville.

Florescent orange commemorative t-shirts complemented the Halloween costumes as runners of all ages lined up “to take a bite out of crime” for the start of the run at 8PM Sat., Oct. 27, along a new route,  starting and finishing near St. Elizabeth Seton Church, 2220 Lisson Rd., in the south part of the city.

Participants ran, walked and scooted from approximately 20 to 50 minutes until the final entries crossed the finish line.

Lucas Kammerer was first over the finish line with a time of 19:35, followed closely by Nick Sefranek.  The first woman over the finish line was Amy Kwilinski with a time of 22:20.

“We are so appreciative of the gracious people at St. Elizabeth Seton Church,” said Nancy Quigley, president of Naperville CrimeStoppers, noting the doors were opened at 6AM for set-up. “So many volunteers were there to help from the police department, sponsors and our CrimeStoppers board. It was a great first run of the event.”

Members of the CrimeStoppers board presented awards to winners of the run in a variety of categories, including the costume contest.

“I enjoyed seeing the creative costumed runners, too,” added Quigley. “I found it funny that  many came in costumes themed in the spirit of CrimeStoppers—police officers, jailbirds and superheroes. You could feel lots of energy.”

McGruff the Crime Dog  encouraged every  runner as one of his duties during  National Crime Prevention Month in  October, a time to  raise awareness for crime prevention and  public safety.  Every day CrimeStoppers aims  to inform citizens they can be rewarded for submitting anonymous tips that lead to arrests. Anyone at any time may submit a tip by calling the Naperville Crime Stoppers hotline at (630) 420-6006.

Complete race results will be posted and linked to www.crimestoppersrunningscared.com to register.

The Naperville Crime Stoppers is a crime prevention program geared toward public involvement in the fight against crime. It provides an avenue which permits and encourages citizens to contribute to the safety of the Naperville community.

For more information about the Naperville Crime Stoppers and crime prevention resources, visit www.napervillecrimestoppers.com.


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