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A few notes on the local campaign season


While we’re thinking about the difference two days made in our neighborhood this week as the autumn leaves came falling to the ground, we’re mindful what a difference lies ahead after registered voters  go to the polls on Tues., Nov. 6.

The Midwest has experienced a drought— rainy weekends have been very few and very far between.  Though we never want to rain on anyone’s parade or outdoor event, sometimes a rainy day such as today can provide time to do homework inside.  Perhaps catch up on reading and get to know the candidates as well as the propositions that will be on the ballot in the General Election.

Since last April, PN editors have tried to locate all the candidates running to serve Naperville in DuPage and Will counties, Springfield and Washington, D.C. Our aim has been to present all candidates and propositions that will be the ballot in Naperville, both in DuPage and Will counties. It’s been a challenge with all the on and off and on-again judgments that have placed  candidates on the ballot. We think we now have every candidate listed correctly.

Upon request from candidates and/or their supporters, we have linked their websites to PN’s Election and Voter’s Guide where local registered voters also can find how to determine their new congressional district and other pertinent information before they head to the polls.

We regret any omissions or errors in the listing on the Election and Voter’s Guide. For a listing of current elected officials representing Naperville, visit PN’s Government Guide.

Beyond November 6

Also during this current campaign season, many local citizens now are passing petitions to nominate candidates and place a referendum on the ballot in the upcoming spring 2013  Consolidated Election.  Nominating petitions feature the names of dozens of hopefuls who want to serve Naperville on city council, local school boards or park district board. A petition to place “Yes! Elect City Council at Large” also is being circulated.

If you missed the voter registration deadline on October 9 in order to cast a ballot on November 6, voter registration opens again on November 8 so you can make a difference on April 9.

Thanks for being engaged in the process and educated when it’s time to vote. We appreciate everyone who has provided feedback.

Thanks for reading.


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