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Monday, December 11, 2023

Real News — Car wash


Remember kickin’ it old-school down at the car wash by Rose Royce? You know the lyrics, “Working at the car wash yeah! Come on sing it with me, car wash, yeah.”

Well, a visit to 952 W. 75th Street and the Brighton Car Wash and Detail Center really has nothing old about it.

In fact, this specialty commercial real estate property has some of the most cutting-edge technology one would find within our city limits. Built in 1995 on a one-acre lot, the 7,000 square-foot building is powered in part utilizing a wind turbine. Water is heated using a solar power heater on the roof, and a portion of the water used in the clean up process is harvested during rain events. These energy-efficient enhancements, including LED and CFL lighting keep costs down and utilize less soap, so it is better for the environment.

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The 130-foot long wash tunnel and 900 square-foot detailing bays are open seven days a week and employ more than 35 individuals.

Jason Morin, general manager and lifelong Naperville resident, and his staff have washed and detailed vehicles for dignitaries and movie companies. Most recently they detailed vehicles for the Paramount Pictures movie, The Transformers.

“About the only thing we have not detailed would be a full-size military tank,” Jason said.

What Jason likes most about Naperville is that it is a large town with a small town feel.

Well, the wash does create a lot of work, and work, those cars never seem to stop comin’, and work and work, keep those rags and machines hummin’!

You can thank me later in the day for your inability to stop singing that song.


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Paul DeKruiff
Paul DeKruiff
Paul DeKruiff is married, father of three daughters and a 17-year resident of Naperville. Contact him at pauldekruiff@comcast.net or (630) 446-0049.


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