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Kids Corner — pizza, pizza, pizza


My next taste tempting adventure for Positively Naperville brought me to some of our favorite Naperville Pizza Restaurants. I started the journey at Naperville’s 2012 Last Fling with some of my favorites, Aurelio’s and Connie’s Pizza.

Aurelio’s had ample amount of sauce, toppings and the seasonings were perfect. Connie’s had a great taste and the portions were large.

Next I wanted to get the help of some of my fellow 8th grade classmates at my school and asked that they complete a pizza survey for me.

The following are the top three choices with “brief” comments:

Rocco’s Pizza (192 W. Gartner Road) Their thin crust pizza is the best – lots of toppings, excellent sauce and just the right crust crispiness. They always have coupons or daily specials which all parents like. This is a carry out or delivery restaurant. They do have pizza by the slice if you want to check out the tasty pizza.

Aurelio’s Pizza (931 W. 75th St. and after 4PM for dine in or delivery at 1975 Springbrook Square) Any kind of pizza, thick or thin. Great seasonings, perfect amount of sauce and awesome toppings make this a definite winner. Aurelio’s 75th Street location does pizza by the slice if you want to try it out.

Lou Malnati’s (131 W. Jefferson Ave.) Deep dish pizza is the bomb! Lots of fresh ingredients – loaded with cheese and delicious sauce. The buttery crust is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Lou’s is open for lunch, dinner, take-out and delivery.

I look forward to my next dining review which will take me to another family-friendly Naperville Italian restaurant—Café Buonaro’s in Fifth Avenue Station.

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Jack Morrissey
Jack Morrissey
Jack Morrissey is a senior at Naperville Central and aspiring foodie.