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Higher and higher teamwork


As I write this I am coming off of two highs. The first was attending the Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club. The second was observing the dedication and enthusiasm of our senior City Staff when they spoke at the September NAHC General Meeting.

The Ryder Cup has 12 men on the US team and 12 on the European team representing the finest golfers in the world. Golf is typically an individual sport where each player, alone, is responsible for the outcome. For the Ryder Cup, this individual achievement of excellence must be transferred into working as a team, where performance reflects on your team mates as representatives of either the United States or Europe. Truly, for me this was an experience of a lifetime and being on the course with my oldest son was very exciting and deeply emotional.

Now take that teamwork concept as it applies to our highly professional senior City Staff. They are the best at what they do, and when they all came together to address our membership about how their expertise is added into the entire City service mix, it was an exciting and moving experience. Fourteen men and women gave up their valuable Saturday morning to return to City Hall to, one-on-one, answer questions and talk with us.

Their combined efforts were compiled into a 20-plus page “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” booklet about City services. This can easily be read online at www.napervillehomeowners.com/NAHC/NewsDoc/NewsDoc12897.pdf on the NAHC website. I recommend that you read this first ever publication of these day-to-day type questions.

Only in Naperville are we privileged to be able to have City Staff happily meet with us. Thank you, staff, for being with us. We appreciate your talents and time working as a critical team to make our lives better each and every day.


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Dr. Bob Buckman
Dr. Bob Buckman
Dr. Bob Buckman is the President of the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation. Contact him at drbobbuckman@sbcglobal.net.