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Think local to drink local this October


October has become synonymous with beer.

Oktoberfest, or Märzen-style beer, is enjoyed at festivals at the end of September and early October under a big tent with lively music.

It is a lager generally golden brown in color with a mildly sweet maltiness and smooth finish. The western suburbs are privileged to have a pair of local breweries producing great fall beer.

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Solemn Oath Brewery, located in Naperville at 1661 Quincy Ave., Ste. 179, in the industrial park behind the Cadillac Dealership, is offering Oktoberface, which has rich caramel and toasted malt flavors balanced by a fresh, grassy hop character. Locals can pick it up in a 64 oz. growler at their tasting room straight from the keg.

Two Brothers Brewing Co., located in Warrenville, has produced Atom Smasher for several years now, which is an Oktoberfest-style lager appropriately named for their neighbors at Fermi Lab.

Regrettably, this beer has obtained a cult following and is sold out everywhere! Look for it next year in early September.

The good news is, Two Brothers has released Heavy Handed, a rich IPA brewed with super fresh hops picked just 18 hours before the brewing process begins, shipped directly from the Pacific Northwest.

Two Brothers beer is available at local grocers, liquor stores, their brewery store in Warrenville and the Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora.

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