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Focus on Accessibility — Naperville Police Department: Fastrack Program


There have been several calls recently for police assistance because a child with autism (or other special needs) or an adult with dementia or Alzheimer’s has wandered away from home.

What a terrifying scenario for parents and spouses!

In an effort to provide responsive and effective police services, since 2005 the Fastrack Program has been available to Naperville citizens who have a communication difficulty and are at risk of wandering.

Time and time again, search times are reduced from hours and days to just minutes. Participants wear a specialized bracelet that allows the responding police officers to actually track and find the missing individual.

The safety and reassurance that this program provides to participating families is outstanding and just another service that provides “Great Service All the Time.”

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Marita Manning
Marita Manninghttp://www.naperville.il.us
Marita Manning is the Accessibility Coordinator for the City of Naperville. Contact her at ManningM@Naperville.il.us or (630) 420-6725.

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