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Linden Oaks movie premiere: ‘Someday Melissa’


Linden Oaks at Edward will host the premiere of the documentary film, “Someday Melissa: The story of an eating disorder, loss and hope,” on Fri, September 28 at the new Linden Oaks Outpatient Center, 1335 N. Mill St. in Naperville.

The movie is about Melissa Avrin, who died at age 19 from a heart attack due to the effects of bulimia. Following her death, Melissa’s mother, Judy Avrin, created “Someday Melissa” to increase awareness and reduce the stigma of eating disorders.

Registration begins at 11:30AM., lunch/networking from 12–12:30PM., followed by the movie premiere and discussion from 12:30–3PM. To register in advance, call (630) 527-6363.

Following the movie premiere and discussion, Linden Oaks will host an open house at the Outpatient Center from 3–7PM.

For more information about Linden Oaks, visit www.edward.org/lindenoaks. For immediate assistance and a free and confidential assessment, call the Linden Oaks 24/7 Help Line at (630) 305-5500.


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