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NJWC is accepting applications for Community Involvement Project


The Philanthropy Committee of Naperville Junior Woman’s Club currently is accepting applications to select a charitable organization for its 2013-2015 Community Improvement Project (CIP).

In addition to providing financial support, the NJWC also contributes hands-on volunteer efforts by its members.

Applications can be obtained at www.napervillejuniors.org/CIP.

The applications must be postmarked no later than September 25, 2012. Questions can be emailed to philanthropy@napervillejuniors.org or info@napervillejuniors.org.

In addition, the Naperville Junior Woman’s Club is looking for energetic, enthusiastic women to join the Club. Each year members give thousands of hours of service to the community and thousands of dollars to various charitable organizations including Safety Town.

For more info, visit  www.napervillejuniors.org or call the club’s  hotline at (630) 575-9567.

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