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Kiwanis Peanut Days feature members pitchin’ packs of peanuts for charity


Volunteers from the Evening Kiwanis Club of Naperville were stationed at both ends of the Riverwalk Fine Art Fair pitching packs of peanuts for local charitable causes on Sept. 15 and 16.

According to past president Fred Jacobs, the annual Peanut Days event held throughout the nation this time of year is the Naperville club’s second biggest fundraiser, right behind the club’s traditional Pancake Festival, held every March.

Durng Peanut Days, Naperville Evening Kiwanis members offer individual serving-size  bags of peanuts in exchange for donations at various  locations, including supermarkets, train stations and street corners.

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For the final two weekends in September, Kiwanis such as Stan Szewczyk and Jacobs will have a presence throughout the city. Look for them. Support them when you can and know the funds raised go toward many good causes that benefit youth and scholarships.

If you happen to pass by the Century Walk mural titled “Naperville Loves a Parade,” located just off Main Street across from Heaven on Seven and Dean’s Clothing,  look for the portraiture of Kiwanis member Will Smith, pictured here with the  image of his wife.  You could say that Smith, who is also a member of the Century Walk Board of Directors, serves as a  reminder to support Peanut Days and other Kiwanis fundraising events.

The Naperville Evening Kiwanis meets weekly at 6:15PM Mondays on the third floor of  the Education Building at Edward Hospital. For information about the club, membership  and all the service club’s activities, visit  their website.

Connect with many good things going on every day in Naperville, thanks to an active service club community and many, many dedicated volunteers who serve on local foundations,  boards and commissions.

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