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KidsMatter aims to help build responsible digital citizens throughout Public Safety Month


2019 KidsMatter Summit for students aims to teach Positive Digital Citizenship. Click here for story posted Feb. 2, 2019.

UPDATE 2015 / In Naperville, October is Public Safety Month as well as ‘Your Digital Footprint Matters’ Month. In addition to many special activities hosted by the Naperville Fire and Police Departments, since 2012 every October KidsMatter has offered a variety of programs to help kids and their parents navigate the Internet safely.

2015 KidsMatter Activities

The Naperville Film Festival featuring KidsMatter’s Digital Footprint Student Videos to combat online bullying; 6:30PM on Fri., Oct. 9, 2015, at the 95th St. Library.
Beyond the Classroom…KidsMatter presentation in collaboration with Edgewood Clinical Services CEO Adam Russo; 7PM on Tues., Oct. 20, 2015,  at Safety Town.
Smart Parenting Interactive Workshop with Detective Rich Wistocki for parents and their elementary- and middle school-aged children; 7PM on Tues., Oct. 27, 2015,  at the Naperville Municipal Center.

UPDATE 2013 / Your Digital Footprint Matters will be held at 7PM Tues., Oct. 22, 2013, in the Naperville Municipal Center. While a number of the presenters may be different, the same message promoting safety while online and using social media will be emphasized.

No matter what your age, your digital footprint matters

Original Post, Sept. 14, 2012 / KidsMatter is partnering with School Districts 203 and 204, the Naperville Police Department, NCTV and TrueCare to promote a month of awareness regarding social media during  Public Safety Month in October. “Your Digital Footprint Matters,” slated to run from 7-8:30PM, Tues., Oct. 9, will address the dangers of cyber-bullying and the importance of building responsible digital citizens in our schools.

“Your KIN – Kindness in Naperville – is an ideal that we believe compliments this initiative,” wrote KidsMatter Executive Director IdaLynn Wenhold recently to PN’s publisher, Stephanie Penick,  at which time arrangements were made for “Kindness in Naperville” stickers to be available at the October program.

During the September 18 City Council Meeting, KidsMatter was recognized with a proclamation for its many initiatives to help empower youngsters, parents and communities to be safe and sound.

The proclamation also  highlighted an event scheduled for October 9 that will feature a panel of professionals who will speak about Cyber-safety and Digital Citizenship.

Your Digital Footprint Matters! will be held at the Naperville Central High School Auditorium to provide a  compelling look at the impact of the digital world.

KidsMatter presents…

Organized by KidsMatter, representatives from  School District 203, School District 204, the Naperville Police Department, NCTV and TrueCare will participate in this free program that includes video resources as well as a panel of experts.

Featured speakers include Sarah Migas, Internet Safety Specialist, Office of IL Attorney General; Detective Rich Wistocki, High Technology Crimes Unit, Naperville Police Department; John David Son, Director of Instructional Technology, Naperville Community Unit School District 203; Mark Kreiter, Director of Instructional Technology, Indian Prairie School District 204; Mike Skarr, Past President/CEO, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce & TrueCare Advisor; and Anna Weselak, Past President of National PTA & TrueCare Advisor.

An additional nine anti-cyberbullying programs, workshops, and resources are scheduled throughout the month of October and are listed in a PDF file on the KidsMatter website at www.KidsMatter2us.org.

“What’s really neat is that the (footprint) logo for this initiative was created by a student from Metea Valley High School,” said Wenhold, as she inquired about the origin of the  KIN initiative.

Penick explained that over a course of several years, a number of residents had commented to her via PN about the decline in social graces, manners and respect. KIN, Kindness in Naperville, came about with input from Bev Frier, Bev Eigenberg, Barb Dwyer, Nancy Quigley and other folks who have constant contact with the public of all ages.

Graphic artist Tom Tortorich designed the KIN stickers with a smile  that were printed at Minuteman Press and distributed throughout the community.


“Some days it’s easier than others to adhere to KIN,” Penick said, noting a rash of afternoon phone calls from telemarketers, all trying to do their jobs, but with a little too much push.

“We will include it (KIN) in the forum,” noted Wenhold. “And having stickers there to share would be great.”

“And, yes,” added Wenhold, ” Practicing KIN each day is an ideal to work for…some days requiring more patience than others. But I love that it is an ideal for everyone of us to pursue – and what a difference it does make!”

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