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Heroes Vote welcomes military and spouses to be election ready


Former Naperville resident  Pete Wohld is on a mission to encourage active military, their spouses and dependents  to register to vote and to request an absentee ballot in time to vote in the Nov. 6 General Election.

“Without getting into details, it is important to note that little time is left to successfully take advantage of the absentee ballot vote,” Wohld noted. ” For some troops and dependents remotely located overseas it may be too late already.

Wohld, who now lives in Downers Grove,  reminisced about going to Naperville High School before he served in the Navy during the Vietnam era.

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As a veteran who values his right to vote, Wohld  is eager to promote a better turnout of military voters via several web links.

For starters, the higher level website for the Military Voter Protection Project by Eric Eversole is at www.mvpproject.org.

Wohld also sent “A Message from the Gunny”  YouTube promo featuring Gunny R. Lee Ermey urging voter registration and request for an absentee ballot for November’s election.  “No excuses!”

With much appreciation, he said he’s  hopeful readers will help spread The Gunny’s message by informing friends and loved ones in the military.

“With only a few weeks before registration deadlines in many states, there is no time to wait,” Wohld said. “If men and women serving in the  military have any chance of voting, they have to register and request an absentee ballot now.”

The Heroes Vote initiative, a simple six-step process,  is available at www.heroesvote.org/election-ready.

Heroes Vote Initiative is part of the MVP Project, sponsored by the Legacy Foundation.

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