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Fiscally Responsible — Switching banks doesn’t need to be difficult


You may be thinking, “I am not happy with my current bank, but I don’t want to switch. It’s just too complicated.”

When you have your direct deposit and automatic withdrawals all set up, you don’t want to worry about it anymore. However, there is a way to transition your bank accounts, with the help of your community banker.

Calling your cable provider, COM ED or Social Security to change your direct deposit or bill paying arrangements can be frustrating. Your personal banker should help you contact everyone if you bring the names of your depositors and your bills in to the bank. The companies will confirm with you that you would like to switch your account.

Online banking provides customers with the convenience of electronic Bill Pay. A personal banker can sit down with you and set up online banking and walk you through bill pay. Bill pay allows you to set up bills to be paid on the same day every month without having to write one check.

Closing all your accounts right away may not always be the best thing. Before closing, you should make sure that there are not any outstanding checks that have not cleared the account and that your vendor companies are withdrawing from the new account.

When a personal banker gives you the personal attention you deserve, switching accounts is not complicated.

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Sarah Kohout
Sarah Kohouthttp://banknaperville.com
Sarah Kohout is a Personal Banker at the Downtown Naperville Bank and Trust location for more information contact her at skohout@banknaperville.com or (630) 588-4082.