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Linden Oaks to host Recovery Day


Linden Oaks at Edward will host Recovery Day on Friday, September 14 with two sessions, 1-5PM and 6-8PM in the Linden Oaks Gym on the campus of Edward Hospital, 801 S. Washington St. in Naperville.

Recovery Day celebrates the successes of those who are in recovery from chemical dependency and serves as a reminder of the commitment to those who still need support.

Claudia Black, MSW, Ph.D., one of the world’s foremost experts on addictions, will be the featured speaker of both sessions.

Dr. Black’s 1-5PM presentation will focus on the subtle ways trauma lives inside of families and addictions.  In the 6-8PM session Dr. Black will emphasize not letting negative beliefs and self-defeating behaviors “take away your smile.”

Black is internationally recognized for her pioneering and contemporary work with family systems and addictive disorders. She offers models of intervention and treatment for family violence, multiple addictions, relapse, anger, depression and women’s issues. Her writings and teachings are the standard in the field of addictions.

For more information about Linden Oaks, visit www.edward.org/lindenoaks.

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