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Gardeners grow a ton of produce for Loaves & Fishes


Early on September 5,  folks at the West Street Garden Plots were celebrating the fruits of their labors, a bounty of homegrown fruits and vegetables that they’ve been sharing with local food banks, including Loaves and Fishes Community Pantry.

“Hey, Team!” wrote Master Gardener Ron Ory, first thing Wednesday morning as thunder roared in the distance. “Remember a couple months back (about the end of June), when we began to harvest? We barely registered on the ‘Pound-O-Meter’.”

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Ory noted that his fellow gardeners at West Street Garden Plots now have harvested nearly  2,000 pounds this summer. By the tracking chart, it’s officially at 1982.5 pounds, he said.

“What an accomplishment,” said gardener Heidi Sila.”So proud to be part of the program that allowed me to see these results.”

Next Ory prepared to fill in the spaces on the Pound-O-Meter as he marked a ton of success.


“So, before some of you journey up to the state Master Gardener Conference, I propose a little celebration!”

Going forward… The Naperville Community Gardeners will meet at 7PM Mon., Sept. 10, at Knox Presbyterian Church, located on 1105 Catalpa Lane, just off  Gartner Ave.

The program, open to the public,  is titled “Naperville Park District’s Knoch Knolls Nature Center and other Green Team Initiatives” and will be presented by Peggy Pelkonen, RLA, ASLA,a Project Manager with the Naperville Park District.

Pelkonen previously worked at the Morton Arboretum from 2001- 2008 where she was involved in the design and construction of the Maze Garden, Visitor ‘s Center and Entry Landscape as well as collaborating on Meadow Lake and the Children’s Garden.

The Naperville Community Gardeners meets monthly, usually on the first Monday, “to nurture the gardening interests of its members and the community through educational programs and community service.”

Because of Labor Day, their meeting in September is delayed a week.

For more information, visit www.napervillecommunitygardeners.org.

Photos courtesy of Ron Ory


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