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Your Table is Ready — Cuisine de Saigon


As we begin our 4th year reviewing locally-owned restaurants, we decided to step out of our comfort zone and ventured to the newly opened Cuisine de Saigon in Naperville Plaza at Washington and Gartner.

With a big smile and “Welcome to Cuisine de Saigon,” owner Chan escorted us to our table.  The menu is French Vietnamese–the ingredients and techniques are a blend of two cultures.

We began our “East meets West” lunch (we later returned for dinner) with Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup. Laurie selected Saigon Pho, a chicken stock vegetable soup with tofu, noodles, carrots, broccoli and scallions. Soon after Laurie exclaimed, “This is the best Pho I’ve ever tasted.” Mark’s appetizer was delicious—a French Confit Chicken Salad, chicken cooked in its own fat and served chilled.

The décor at Cuisine de Saigon is calming – yellow, black, purple. Bamboo shoots in water accent the tables. Music by popular Vietnamese artist Le Quyen plays in the background. Everything works.

Entrees followed. Laurie ordered Mi Xao Don, crispy egg noodles with marinated chicken breast, carrots, celery and broccoli in a pineapple sauce. Mark chose Pho Tai Bo Vien Nho, a beef broth with sliced beef, meatballs (not your Italian variety), noodles and basil, jalapeno and sprouts on the side. Mark seconds Laurie’s “best Pho” comment.

Tea was the beverage of choice with many selections—all Stash Premium Tea. We chose Orange Spice Black and Fusion Green & White—iced, of course. Cuisine de Saigon also offers a large assortment of wines by the glass and bottle as well as domestic and imported beers.

Our meal was completed with Cuisine de Saigon’s complimentary Chocolate Mousse or Crème Brulee—wonderful ending to a wonderful lunch.

The restaurant is located at 192 West Gartner Rd,. Suite 124 in Naperville. For more info call the restaurant at (630) 780-3030 or visit cuisine-de-saigon.com.

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Laurie & Mark Rice
Laurie & Mark Rice
The Rice’s have lived in Naperville since 1987. Mark is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and a Sunrise Rotarian. Both Laurie and Mark are Kansas City Barbeque Society certified BBQ judges.