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The Boxes can package forgotten items and get them to a kid at college


Need a box to send your son’s tennis racquet that he forgot when he packed for college?

Or perhaps while loading the car with all the large pieces of luggage, your daughter missed her small overnight tote with all her make-up and personal items.

Since 1985, The Boxes Etc. has been serving the Naperville community in the Cress Creek Shopping Center—and according to proprietor Michele  Zajac, this time of year The Boxes is busy helping send items to college students that they  just happened to forget when they packed to go away to school.

“One mother called saying her son forgot his bike,” she said. “Another mother said her son was bragging that he’d ‘packed for a hour’ before heading off to school and now is missing many of his favorite things.  And one girl left behind her backpack that had all her school IDs and her laptop.”

Zajac said The Boxes  can help get items there overnight, “but I also remind to people that it might be cheaper to go to a local store and replace an item. For instance, one mother said her son called wanting her to send overnight his sports water bottle.  A water bottle?”

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Conveniently located on Naperville’s north side, just south of Ogden along Royal St. George, the store also offers a wide variety of Gund stuffed animals, greeting cards and other gifts, making it easy for one-stop shopping, wrapping and sending.

Zajac offers personal customer care to customize every shipment to help find the most economical way to send a package.

“Our staff prides itself on our expertise and understanding the most economical and best way to send something.  We know the rules and tricks to pack and ship  important documents and precious items,” she said while five prized Cock Robin “Be ONE in a million”  t-shirts were packaged for mail delivery to folks in Texas, Arkansas and other Illinois cities beyond Naperville borders.

Whether an item needs overnight express  or the most economical way possible, The Boxes Etc.  can help deliver a full menu of products and services for almost everything related to gift-wrapping, packing, shipping, mailing and other business services.

Find The Boxes Etc. at 790 Royal Saint George Drive #141.  For info,  call at (630) 717-1351.

The Boxes Etc. also is a member of a large group of independently-owned local businesses listed at  www.IndieBoundNaperville.org.

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