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Seminar to discuss Affordable Healthcare Act


On Mon., September 10, residents can hear simple explanations about the Affordable Healthcare Act at a free event “Healthcare Act: Utopia or Nightmare?”, starting at 7PM at the 95th St. Library, 3015 Cedar Glen Dr. in Naperville. Speaker C. Steven Tucker, a health insurance broker since 1995 and healthcare policy expert, will provide an easy-to-understand overview of this complex legislation and summarize the important points that will impact our daily lives starting next year.

C. Steven Tucker is a well-known expert on the Healthcare Act, and is frequently quoted on healthcare and insurance issues in national media. His business provides health insurance answers for small business owners and the self-employed, so he is extremely familiar with the healthcare insurance changes that will start next year. He is happy to share his advice on how people can prepare for the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act as a business owner and a consumer of healthcare services.

Organizers note there have been many questions about the new Healthcare Act. As an example, on January 1, 2013, there will be a doubling of taxes taken from taxpayers for funding Medicare. Many people may wonder if there is a way to avoid this “double taxation?” Likewise, there are questions about the 2013 limit on contributions to a flexible spending account and how that impacts families. These and many other aspects of this complicated legislation will be addressed at this event.

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“Healthcare Act: Utopia or Nightmare” is a non-partisan educational event that is open to the public and is free of charge. For more information, visit www.NapervilleTEAPatriots.com.

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