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Exchange Club of Naperville honored ‘Exchangite of the Year’


Trish Krenick recently was recognized as “2012 Exchangite of the Year” during the Exchange Club of Naperville’s annual dinner held this year at Hotel Arista in CityGate Centre.

Krenick was honored as  “an outstanding example of hard work and dedication.”

A critical part of the 2012 Ribfest logistics team, Krenick made it her personal responsibility to put together a SOP manual for logistics, which has never been done for 25 years. Through the entire ordeal, she always maintained a smile and champion demeanor.

In addition to Ribfest, Krenick dedicates her spare time with the Americanism Committee, Community Service and membership development committees, all within the Exchange Club.

During 25th anniversary festivities, Emy Trotz and Marty Walker presented club awards.

“Join me in congratulating this outstanding person and Exchangite! We are blessed to have Trish in our club!” said Walker.

Walker noted that Exchangite John Krummen was recognized as 2012 Rookie of the Year.  Krummen was a key member of the In-House Concessions Team at Ribfest.

For more information about the Exchange Club of Naperville, visit www.exchangeclub.org.

Photo courtesy MJ  Howenstine

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