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Sky High Sports will host jump session for kids with special needs


Sky High Sports in Naperville offers a 50,000 square foot trampoline entertainment center where active kids and families enjoy a special brand of bouncy fun and fitness.   In addition, on special afternoons once a month, Sky High turns off the music and dials down the distractions for the comfort of their special guests who might normally find Sky High to be too stimulating.

Sky High’s “Special Needs Jump” sessions are open to kids with a wide range of special needs including those on the autism spectrum, children with sensory disorders and even some kids in wheelchairs (cerebral palsy, perhaps).  The next session will be held from 2-6PM on Tues., Sept. 4,  at 2244 Corporate Lane in Naperville.

“It is so hard to be the parent of a special needs kid and I understand that,” said Jerry Raymond, owner of Sky High Sports and the father of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome, during a recent interview with NBC in the Bay Area. “So any happiness or any time off that I can give them…that makes them feel good, I’m all for that.”

To view the  3-minute segment shot earlier this summer at Sky High in the Bay Area featuring Raymond talking about his business and the special program, click HERE.

“During Special Needs Jump, our special kids have fun, just like every kid, and hopefully, go home with a sense of accomplishment,” Raymond added.

Physical education programs are highly recommended by specialists and experts for children with special needs. Jumping not only helps to improve physical fitness and the development of motor and sensory skills, it’s good for overall health and well-being.

NOTE: Certainly jumping may not be the right form of play for every special needs child. Parents must use their own discretion.  No matter who jumps, everyone needs to sign a waiver. Anyone under 18 years of age needs a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Parents can sign waivers when they check-in or, if bringing  a guest under 18, their parent can easily download one from the website and send it along.

During Special Needs Jump sessions, “jumpers” are $5 with a parent or therapist free.

Sky High Sports is one of 15 jump sites for youngsters  located across the nation. For more info, call ( 630) 717-5867 or visit  www.Nap.JumpSkyHigh.com.

Photo courtesy Trayce Zimmermann


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