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MDA 2012 Executive Lock-Up aims to raise awareness


It’s that time of year again for the Muscular Dystrophy Association to raise awareness about Jerry’s Kids.

Many Americans grew up watching comedian Jerry Lewis surrounded by children during the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Labor Day Telethon. Celebrities joined Lewis on TV,  entertaining to attract viewers while Lewis heightened awareness about muscular dystrophy and how  MDA is dedicated toward finding treatments and cures for more than 40 neuromuscular diseases that cause progressive muscle weakness.  Lewis also raised many millions of dollars.

According  to the MDA website, although many of its forms have symptoms which begin in infancy and childhood, some types begin in young adulthood and even in middle age. Yes, middle age.

Symptoms that began when Dr. Diane Ferris’ husband was an adult are among the reasons she’s been locked up for good behavior online at MDA 2012 Executive Lock-Up.

“The Muscular Dystrophy Association is locking me up in jail and I need  help to bail me out,” wrote Ferris, a Naperville chiropractor who owns Back to Health Ferris Chriopractic.  “All proceeds of bail go to the MDA and Jerry’s Kids. Every dollar can help all of those in need. Especially because this cause is near and dear to my family and me.”

Ferris aims to raise  unawareness that many adults are afflicted with muscular dystrophy.

“It’s a battle Mike has been fighting for 20 years,” Ferris said.

Ferris recalled that when her husband was turning 30, their lives began to change.

“We were your typical family. Both of us worked and we had a beautiful daughter,” Ferris noted. “Busy, busy, but very happy.”

Ferris went on to explain that her husband began to have breathing problems and had been taken to the emergency room from work. After many baffled doctors, one of them began to suspect a form of mitochondrial muscle disease.

“Mike’s most affected muscle group is the diaphragm. This muscle helps our lungs move up and down when we take a breath,” said Ferris. “Without the ability the locate the enzyme affected or a means of replacing this enzyme, this disease will continue to progress.”

According to Ferris, though many gains have been made, much more research is needed on genetic research.

“Mike is now part of the MDA at Northwestern hospital. This is an excellent hospital,” said Ferris. ” The MDA provides many resources for families with a member challenged by muscular dystrophy. Flu shots, therapy and children’s camp are just a few of the resources.”

The Lock Up is on Thurs., August 23, but MDA will continue to take donations until the end of August.  To unlock Ferris, follow the link to make a tax deductible donation on MDA’s secure site at MDF Donation2 for Diane Ferris.

Did you know?  A new special, MDA Show of Strength, will air Labor Day weekend.  To learn more about muscular dystrophy, watch the MDA Show of Strength, a new three-hour, prime-time entertainment special that will be held on the evening of Sun., Sept 2.

The star-studded special continues a television tradition first started in the early 1950s featuring the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Humanitarian Lewis served the MDA Labor Day telethon cause until he announced his retirement on May 16, 2011.


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